My thoughts on ToK

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My thoughts on ToK

Postby Robbos » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:51 am

I bought the expansion last night and beat it this morning, and I must say it was certainly an interesting experience. A better hero could not of been chosen (After all, who needs a detailed character when he is a giant space chicken ace pilot?). The weapons and designs certainly matched Kaloki's over the type style along with BoB's brutal combat system.

However 240 points for 10 missions and being unable to play any types of skirmish or multiplayer with all these fun ships did kind of hit a sore spot. I would of certainly appreciated the ability to play on a few space maps, heck maybe even a spider hunter styled avatar experience set in a larger version of the city level (Go go Bugzilla!)

The ships were fairly balanced, to the point that only one fleet could really work if you selected only from that one race of ships. obviously I am referring to the god-powered OO-ray ships and possibly the tree peoples insane AOE ships.

While i understand that ToK was susposed to be all about making a interesting campaign, i would of liked to atleast have a new bug available for level editing, and once again the ability to just mess around with the ships.

Now; i did read Stays post about the level editor and why it was just not feasible to make a ToK content level editor so i can respect that.

But overall I must say that i did enjoy the campaign, and i even bought the other two campaigns out of interest as well. I even found quite a bit of players online trying out the avatar support and had a few great rounds of Spider Hunter.

Keep up the good work Ninja Bee!
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Re: My thoughts on ToK

Postby NinjaGirl » Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:59 pm

Thanks for the compliments, Robbos. You mentioned you were bummed that you couldn't play any multiplayer games with the ships. While that's true, you CAN play one multiplayer mode with the tanks from the DLC. The game is found under Missions and it's called City Flag Race. It's basically a capture the flag game where you get to destroy a city while defending your capture points. Hope you try that out and have some fun with it!
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Re: My thoughts on ToK

Postby Zee » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:24 am

Anyone have something I should pick up to even out my points to X00 again? I've been looking for something, but can't find anything but DLC for Rock Band or GH.

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