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game content and online

Postby restlesslink » Mon May 13, 2013 11:07 pm

must say something that is getting annoying these days is buying a game and paying to unlock what is on the disc like capcom do this all the time far as i care whats on the disc is mine im not paying for more that should be there in the first place.

why carnt they do downloads like fallout spend time on it and it is worth the price they want.

the other thing that is getting old now is online pass why do we have to pay to play with are friends on a game it puts a lot of people off buying the game with this.
i must admit it dose come in the the first thing i put about paying for what is on the disc since it is on the disc.

games these days are looking better but getting easier and they seam to rush them i remember the days way back the games did not look great but dam they were fun and
i will admit it i not completed any nes games at all and only half of the super nes.

but i do wish games would not copy each other like the wii fit why do sony and microsoft feel the need to try take some of the market they need to keep there focus far as i feel
long have gone the days of great game like zelda mario and sonic and donkey kong.

i think it has changed to fast some for the better but not all for the good

sorry for my spelling im dislexic and thank you for takeing time to read this
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Captain Jax
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Re: game content and online

Postby Captain Jax » Wed May 15, 2013 5:04 pm

Is it just the fact that the DLC is already on the disc that bothers you? What if the DLC was finished before the product released, but not on the disc. Would that be better? Or is it the idea of purchasing DLC that you feel should be included in the initial release if it is ready in time?
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Re: game content and online

Postby restlesslink » Mon May 27, 2013 10:32 pm

the thing that bothers me is that the content is on the disc and we have to pay again to get at it i think it is greedy capcom are bad for it.
i dont care buying dlc if its not with the game in the first place and as well as long as you dont have to pay for some thing so small like new costume.
games miss some good content as add on's i like the dlc for kelfing's least you get new place's new map just shame its short but the pont is never felt ripped off with what you guys give us
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Re: game content and online

Postby Wolfie » Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:06 pm

I think the thing that he is frustrated with (and I agree to a large part) is that the developer makes the game and then either decides to sell parts of it for an additional fee on top of the game cost.

I don't believe he is frustrated with after the fact DLC. For example, the addon levels yall did for Keflings. They were done after the fact, or after the game was released. But, imagine you had done World of Keflings like some of Capcom's stuff. You finished the ice world and go through the gate only to find out we must pay for the next level even though we bought WoK. THAT is, what I believe, he is speaking toward.

AFAIK, NB does not subscribe to these sorts of marketing practices so its a moot point for yall.
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Re: game content and online

Postby maryathomes » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:21 am

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