explanation of supply/demand (green/red bars)?

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explanation of supply/demand (green/red bars)?

Postby yo-sef » Mon Jan 03, 2005 1:11 pm

I understand the basic concept of the green/red bars next to each type of expansion. But I'm not quite getting exactly how the system works.
Bright green is the demand people have for that expansion, and the faded green is how much you can be providing? Bright red is when theres more demand than what you're supplying? What about when theres faded red?
Thanks for any clarification on this part of the game.
And What an awesome game, I'm stoked I came upon this game, and decided to buy it (I've never really played this type of game before). Great work, cant wait to what other games you put out.
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Postby ninjabee » Mon Jan 03, 2005 10:48 pm


Thanks for the positive feedback. We hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

If we ignore what you've built, for a moment, then the red bars mean:

bright red: some visitors desire this thing most, right away
dark red: some visitors desire this thing, but not as much as they desire something else.

If a visitor's need for thing A is satisfied, then their previously-not-so-pressing need for thing B becomes more important, so what they want most changes, and thus the bars change as a visitor spends time at the station.

bright green: some visitors desire this thing most AND you are meeting this need (with available parking)
dark green: you are meeting this need, but visitors only somewhat want it, or don't want it at all.

So, if your "science" bar is partly bright red and partly dark red (because some visitors really want it and some kinda want it) and you build a science expansion with plenty of parking, then the bright red turns into bright green and the dark red turns into dark green. If a bunch more people show up kinda wanting science, then eventually they'll outstrip your available parking and the bar will be bright green, dark green, and then dark red for those guys for whom there isn't enough parking.

It might help if you click on a visitor and look in the bottom right corner to see what he needs. The top-listed item is what he needs the most and the next two are less urgent desires.

Note that if there is NO desire for a particular thing, and you have expansions of that type built anyway, the bar shows up dark green. You'll have to look at individual visitors to see for sure if anyone wants that type of expansion at all.

If this still isn't clear, shout at us and we'll try a different explanation...

-- ninjabee
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Postby yo-sef » Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:16 am

awesome! thanks a lot for the explanation.

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