So how many people bought the PC version?

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So how many people bought the PC version?

Postby Icehawk » Sun Feb 12, 2006 4:07 am

We're starting to get some sort of idea of how the XBLA version did, but how did the PC version do?
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Postby stay » Sun Feb 12, 2006 7:41 pm

Honestly, the Live Arcade version has done far better than the PC version already.

People who tried the PC version seem to have liked it, and it won some awards, and the conversion rate is decent, but the actual number of downloads and sales is low.

We put the game on a lot of traditional "portal" sites like BigFishGames, but it's really not that kind of game at all. People on those sites want puzzle games, and Kaloki does very poorly there. On less puzzle-focused sites like ArcadeTown, Kaloki does much better. But it's still in a minority category for PC downloadable games.

Putting OKX on 360 Live Arcade has been a very nice thing for us, partly just because Live Arcade is willing to acknowledge that the Simulation / Strategy genre even exists! And of course it doesn't hurt that there are fewer than 20 titles out there, so people looking for something to download don't have to look far before they come across OKX. Not to mention the fact that the 360 version has more than twice the content of the PC version for half the price.

But the best part of putting OKX on 360 Live Arcade is that it's really where we thought the game was going in the first place. It's a realization of the original vision we had for a wacky console tycoon game, and that's pretty dang cool... :)

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Postby randomevent » Tue Feb 28, 2006 3:48 pm

Still seems like it'd do decently off Stardock Central....lots of titles I've never even heard of there.

I bought the PC ver cause I don't have an x360...and compared to the x360 version...I was pretty disappointed. It's still fun, but the visuals are much worse.

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