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by RampantCoyote
Mon Jan 09, 2006 4:26 am
Forum: Void War
Topic: VW on XBLA?
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Aw, gawsh guys :) Glad you like it!

We actually did talk about it a couple of times. If the time is right and everyone involved (Microsoft, Rampant Games, and Ninjabee) thought it made sense, I think all of us would be happy to see Void War on the 360. Biggerbetterbadder, of course.
by RampantCoyote
Wed Dec 29, 2004 9:56 pm
Forum: Outpost Kaloki (PC/Mac)
Topic: Game of the Year!
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I just wanted to say MASSIVE CONGRATS GUYS!

Not that we weren't expecting it. Outpost Kaloki rocks and the win was well-deserved. But you faced some tough competition. Nice going!
by RampantCoyote
Thu Sep 16, 2004 8:09 pm
Forum: Outpost Kaloki (PC/Mac)
Topic: Ninjabee Quotes
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Ninjabee Quotes

I love the changing quotes / mottos at the bottom of the page. I think there should be a new one added every day! You've got nothing better to do with your time, right? :)

So... here's a question... how many total missions are there in the full version of Outpost Kaloki?

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